Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pretty Feet with Gena Callus Off and Nordic Care Foot Cream

I wasn't blessed with dainty feet or pretty toes.  But where I live, open toed shoes are a staple the majority of the year, so my feet will be on display.  I've got some serious callus buildup that I've battled with varying levels of success.  When the nail tech at the spa where I get pedicures applied a clear gel to my feet and then buffed them to smoothness, I wanted to know what is this stuff that was visibly removing skin from my feet?  I don't know if she gave me a name or if what she was using was something specific to nail salons, but I found Gena Callus Off at Sally Beauty Supply and all I can say is - I love this stuff. 
After soaking my feet in warm water for about 5 minutes, I put some Callus Off on a cotton pad and then apply to my heels and foot pads.  The instructions say to not leave on for more than 7 minutes and then use a file to buff .  I use my Pedi-egg and then rinse off any remaining dried residue.  The real magic happens a few days later when I can literally peel the skin off my feet.  As gross as that sounds, I find it fascinating - kind of like when we would put Elmer's glue all over our hands as kids and then peel off the dried glue.  A 15% concentration of salicylic acid makes this magic  possible.
Exfoliating my feet helps the Nordic Care Foot Care Cream to better penetrate and treat my feet, keeping them soft and moisturized.  I also discovered this Swedish formula foot cream at the same spa where I get my pedicures.   It combines a 10% concentration of urea, the skin's own natural moisturizer, with the water-binding properties of lactic acid and glycerin to soften skin.  Eucalyptus oil provides the fragrance as well as antiseptic benefits.  Nordic Care usually retails for $16-$17  for a 5.9 oz tube, but I've seen it on Amazon for as low as $10.  I've given these as gifts and now get requests from family members who want more, please.

These two products are my holy grails for keeping my feet smooth and moisturized!  What works for you?

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