Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book of Shadows Palettes by anothersoul: Halloween Designs

If you collect makeup like I do, eventually you get to the point where organizing all that product becomes important if you want to:
  1. Actually see what you've got
  2. Not get lost in a sea of palettes
  3. Custom coordinate your colors
  4. Give some love to those singles that might be languishing in a drawer somewhere
Potion palette
There are a variety of palettes available that allow you to store depotted eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, and the like. After browsing some of them, I decided to purchase two Halloween themed palettes from the Etsy shop Book of Shadows by anothersoul.  The variety of looks available was what really sold me, as I liked the idea of having something more whimsical and personal than the generic designs I was seeing from other brands. 
Inside of Ghost palette
I loved the Ghost print, they seem like such happy little fellows!  I was able to get 25 shadows into this one, including some of my beloved Korres singles (the nine largest shadows).  I also depotted a Smashbox palette from last season's holiday collection and two Clinique palettes.  Some of the shadows did get dinged in the process, but nothing too bad.  More amazingly, I lost no fingers:-)
Back of Potion palette
I haven't completely filled up the Potion palette yet, but it includes the rest of the Smashbox shadows, three stila shadows, some Lancome shadows I released from their palettes, and another Korres single shadow.  I haven't really arranged by color at this point, as I was more interesting in seeing how everything fit. 
The quality of these are really nice!  They feel sturdy, the covers have magnets to keep the palettes closed, and the base is magnetized to keep the depotted shadows nicely in place.  You can waterproof these as well, but I doubt I'll go that route as I store and put my makeup on outside of the bathroom.

These palettes are 7" x 4.5" x 1/2"H and retail for $13.99.  U.S. shipping is an additional $3.50, but if you buy 3 of the regular sized palettes there is a discount in the shipping.  There are some larger as well as some double sided palettes available as well.  I'm really happy with mine!

Disclosure:  I purchased these. 

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