Monday, October 22, 2012

Rock Build Your Own Palette by Urban Decay

I decided that when Urban Decay was having their F&F sale it was time to pick up the two new build your own palettes available - Rock and Melt.  I also picked up quite a few single shadows to fill the palettes, both in the new and vintage formulas.  Today I've got Rock to show you, along with the shadows Walk of Shame, Haight, and Strip.
This is a four pan palette that contains the exclusive shadow Rock, a shimmery, sparkly soft taupe.  It applies somewhat sheer, but I think it's because of it's finish as opposed to a lack of pigmentation.  There are pale blue sparkles in this one - not glitter per say, as they are very small.  Like UD's glitter shadows, however, there is some sparkle fallout.  Patting this on or using some type of adhesive medium should solve that problem. 
Walk of Shame was the exclusive color from the 6 pan BYO palette.  It's a cream with a peachy undertone matte and works well for blending above the crease line and on my brow.  It's smooth and applies nicely, although there is some powder kickup from the pan.  Both Rock and Walk of Shame are in the new formula.  The new shadows have the silver rim whereas the vintage shadows are black rimmed.
Walk of Shame
Haight is a peacock blue shimmer.  This is in the vintage formula and is nicely pigmented, soft, and applies smoothly.  Since many reviews I've looked at noticed a minimal difference, if any, between the new and vintage shadows in most of the non-glitter shades, I tried to pick up as many of the vintage shadows that appealed to me as I could.  They've been on sale for $6 and with the 20% discount, were an even better $4.80.
Strip, a metallic bluish silver,  is one of the discontinued colors.  Sephora still had this color available as of 10/20, so if it appeals to you better snatch it up quick!
The vintage shadow do fit into the new BYO palettes, although they are a tighter fit.  I personally like palettes better than single shadows, so I like to the option of having something I can pop singles into and mix and match at will.  

The size of the new 4 pan BYO palettes do make them a better travel option than the LE 6 pan version.  They do not come with the travel sized shadow brush, however, and are the same price at $18.  On the plus side, single shadows on their own are also $18, and each palette has it's own shadow inside that cannot be purchased separately.  So, there are pluses and minuses to these babies, with the minus (to me at least), being how costly it can be to fill them up.  Since the vintage shadows have been on sale and do fit, however, I was able to circumvent the cost issue a bit!
Back of Rock palette

Disclosure:  I purchased this.

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