Saturday, October 27, 2012

e.l.f. Diva HD Blush

Another e.l.f. HD blush to show you, this time in Diva.  Diva is a vibrant fuchsia pink.  Never fear, however, it's wearable on both your cheeks and lips as long as you use a light hand.  The HD blushes are so pigmented that the tiniest bit is all you need.  By tiny, I'm talking the top of a pin sized amount.
I put a small dot on my makeup palette and then take a stippling blush and dab it in the blush.  I smear the brush around on the palette, and then tap it on the apples of my cheeks.  I then take my regular blush brush and blend it in.

For my lips, I've been applying with my finger, but a lip brush will work as well.  I then top with a clear gloss.  Diva does have some small silver shimmer specks in it, but nothing too obvious or glittery.  The gloss I used below is Philosophy's Pink Champagne, which is a clear gloss with shimmer.
I really like these blushes!  They wear nicely, and at $3 a bottle, the price is fantastic.  There is one more color I'd like to get, Encore, but it's been sold out every time I've tried to order from e.l.f.  In fact, the only color currently available online is Showstopper, the darkest out of the five current shades.  I'm guessing lots of other people are enjoying these as well!

Disclosure:  I purchased this.

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