Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sorceress Eyelashes by Fright Night, or My First Attempt at Wearing Falsies

Sometimes you just want to try something, even if you know you probably won't wear them again.  My day to day life has no space for false eyelashes.  I wish it did, but I don't run or work with the creative, fashionable, or dare I say it, those who may work the occasional floor show in whatever capacity.  I wish I did, but it's just not my life.
I did want to try some of the cool eyelashes that are on various Halloween displays, however, so I picked up a set called Sorceress.  Now, I've never worn false eyelashes before.  It took me a few attempts to figure out what side to even apply the glue on.  I was a bit concerned how to get them off and would the glue be hard to remove?  Regardless, I soldiered on and here are my results using the top lashes only.
The biggest issue I had was the inner corners, which did not look realistic to me.  I think I need to trim them a bit.  Even though my placement was not perfect and I did get glue in places I'm pretty sure it wasn't suppose to go, the results were decent. 
I was surprised at how hardy the lashes were, because I had to pull glue off of them from the packaging before I could even use them.  Then, I had to pull glue off of them after I took them off - which was relatively painless, fortunately. 
I'm sure practice makes perfect, and I will probably play with them some more, if only for my alter ego's sake:-)  Rite Aid has a whole display of Halloween eyelashes out right now with various specials going on.  I'm sure these will go on sale big time once Halloween is over, but if you don't want to wait, they run about $6-$7. 

Disclosure:  I purchased these. 


  1. Your lashes look simply lovely...well done on the application! I have been experimenting lately with Duralash flares...just a few sprigs added throughout my upper lashes and its like my mascara took steroids ; )

    Take care,

    --The Beauty Professor

    1. Thank you! I like the idea of individual lashes, I bet they look great!