Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Birchbox: Goop

This month, Birchbox gave members the option of choosing between a regular box or one curated by Goop.  Now apparently, even if you opted in or out of the Goop box, you might or might not get it.  I opted in and did receive one, so let's take a look!

 This month I got an eye balm from Kiehl's.  I love receiving eye creams, as they typically are expensive and he sample sizes tend to last a while since you typically only use a small amount.  I haven't had to buy an eye cream in ages because of receiving samples. 
I also received a lip conditioning treatment from Jouer.  It's a clear balm that is supposed to moisturizer and enhance lips.  It does have the ingredients that would keep lips soft, but I'm a bit skeptical about the lip enhancing claim.  Regardless, it will get used!
Next up is a sunscreen product that is described as a serum - Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum.  I've been searching and searching for a good SPF that is not heavy or greasy, so anything that claims to be lightweight interests me.  Most sunscreens leave my face shiny so we shall see.

I received two non-beauty product items this month, a candle and a Luna bar.  I like the scent of the candle and the Luna bar was quite tasty!  Food items seldom last an hour after I open the box.
I'd say this was a pretty good month, considering all of the items will get used!

Disclaimer:  I subscribe to Birchbox for $10 per month.  If you'd like to subscribe, you can use my referral link or go directly to Birchbox and sign up!

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  1. Looks like a pretty good box! I would have been happy with the candle and Luna bar alone lol.

  2. Ooo, a candle, that's exciting! In general I have liked the Jouer products I have gotten in past birchboxes. I really wanted to try the eye cream but didn't get any...oh, well, mabye next month :)

  3. What a neat candle! I was a little skeptical of the "lip enhancing" part, and I wasn't that impressed by that aspect of it. We almost got the same exact box!

  4. I like that you got a candle as your lifestyle sample! That's something that seems like it would actually be useful. I've heard good things about the lip enhancer, too! :)

    1. I agree, a candle is a good lifestyle sample!

  5. pretty good box! i'd love to get a kiehls sample!

  6. I want a candle! I also want to try out that lip enhancer, but it wasn't in my box. Maybe next month.