Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Wonderful Jewel Shadow Palette

Sephora has had much of the Tarina Tarantino products on sale since last week, and I was fortunate enough to get several eyeshadow palettes and some of the Dream Hyperliners before they sold out.  First up is Wonderful, one of the five Jewel shadow palettes.
I've heard good things about Tarina Tarantino shadows, and I've got to say based on this palette, it's all true.  These are nicely pigmented, soft (just dipping my brush on them picks up the shadow, yet it's not powdery), and easy to blend.  There were five palettes available originally, and wouldn't you know it, Wonderful was the first to sell out.  Three of the five Jewel palettes are still available at sephora.com, and they are on sale for $20, marked down from $32.

The individual shadows are not named, but Wonderful has an oyster beige, a golden tan, a dark khaki green, a sage green, and a medium dark brown.  All have a bit of shimmer but are not frosty.  The greens are what attracted me to Wonderful, but all the colors coordinate well.

I'm on vacation this week, but it's a staycation.  I've got so much that needs doing in my yard and house, so this is what has been occupying my time the past few days.  Here I was thinking I'd have plenty of time to work on the blog....but instead I've been bushwhacking my yard.  It has gotten woefully out of control.  I need to do major trimming every spring and fall, as it's too hot during the summer.  I skipped this spring, and I'm paying for it now.
All this has to get hauled to the front yard.
This is just from one side of my house, and I'm not finished.
Fortunately, I've got a new yard guy who is going to take care of this bush for me.  Or so he says.  He did get all the pine straw off my roof.  I'm too chicken to get up there.  My resolution is to not let things get out of control again.  I'm probably messing up my feng shui big time!

Disclosure:  I purchased this.

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