Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Melt Build Your Own Palette by Urban Decay

Today I've got the second of the BYO 4 pan palettes from Urban Decay that I picked up recently.  This one comes with the color Melt, and to finish filling up this palette, I added Urb, YDK, and Bender. 
Melt is a peachy beige shimmer and makes for a good all over lid shade.  It's a soft color and something that will be easy to incorporate into a lot of different looks.
Urb is in the vintage formula and is a pretty celadon green.  It does have glitter in it and there is some fallout as a result.  The glitter is rather subtle, however, so it comes across more as a sheen as opposed to glittery.

YDK is also in the vintage formula and is a rosy bronze shimmer that borders on metallic.
Bender is in the new formula and is a dark forest green shimmer.  Lovely color, good pigmentation, and applies smoothly!
The BYO 4 pan palettes retail for $18 and come with an exclusive shadow in each.  The vintage shadows do fit into these palettes, although they are a bit tighter fit than the new ones.  They do come out without too much of an effort, however, and with the sales that both Urban Decay and Sephora have had going on, make for a much more economical way to fill these up. 
Melt, Urb, YDK, Bender
Back of palette
Disclosure:  I purchased these.

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