Saturday, October 6, 2012

Urban Decay Skull Palette

I've been a bit obsessed with Urban Decay shadows recently, partly fueled by the Urban Decay and Sephora sale items.  The vintage UD shadows have been so reasonably priced at $6 as they are phased out, and knowing that the quality of the original formula is usually pretty good, I've restrained myself from getting many of the colors I wanted in the new formula and got the vintage shadows instead.  The discontinued shade Vert was one I wanted that had already sold out in the singles, but luckily the Skull palette is still available and there she is!
This is a glitter heavy palette, which has scared me off previously.  The only non-glitter shades are Vert, Blunt, and Shattered, all three of which I like very much.  The infamous Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is there, and yes, it's a glitter bomb explosion.  The other glitter shades are more manageable, however, and I especially like Chopper.
Lighter swatches are applied over bare arm, darker using Liquid Luster

Using a product like Beauty From the Earth's Liquid Luster makes all of the shadows more vibrant and helps control fallout with the glitters.  This can be applied directly to the lid with the doe foot applicator and then the shadow applied on top.  Overall, I'm finding it works quite well! 

Grifter, MCRA, Cherry
Blunt, Shattered
Oil Slick Vert
Twice Baked, Chopper
Well worth the $12 I paid for it!  These are still available at Urban Decay if anyone is interested.

Disclosure:  I purchased this.

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