Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pure Nude Shimmer Eye Sheen by Julep

 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Since receiving it as part of my February Boho Glam Maven box, Julep's Pure Nude Shimmer Eye Sheen has become a surprising favorite of mine.  It's different from other cream shadows I have and love (Maybelline's Color Tattoos, Benefit Creaseless Cream), in that the formula is water based and therefore more runny and liquid, despite coming in a jar.  This threw some people off when it first came out and was a bone of contention, but all I can say is, it's working for me.
I find it very easy to apply a smooth layer with my finger.  It sets almost immediately, which means you don't have much time to smooth things out, but I haven't found that to be an issue.  The only color I've tried is the lightest shade, Pure Nude Shimmer, so I'm curious if the darker shades are as easy to work with.
Pure Nude Shimmer brightens my eye area and I've worn it both on it's own or as a base for powder shadows.  When I'm going for a monochromatic nude look, I use a similar but slighter darker powder shadow such as stila's Desert from the matte In the Know palette to darken the crease slightly.  Pure Nude Shimmer wears for about 8 hours over primer before I notice creasing.  I've got very oily lids, however, so take that into account.
Julep's Eye Sheens are $18 ($14.40 if you're a Julep Maven), which puts it in the mid-range price category.  It does contain Julep's proprietary Power Cell Complex, which is supposed to build collagen with it's blend of rosehip seed oil, Malvaceae Lipid Extract, and green coffee bean oil.  It's never too early to incorporate skin enhancing ingredients into your regimen, IMO, and I especially appreciate it for my aging skin. 
There are 3 other shades in the collection (Dusty Taupe, Warm Fig, and Deep Bronze), and I'm really hoping they will appear in Julep's monthly mystery boxes at some point, as that would be the more economical way to acquire them :-)


  1. wow that's a gorgeous shade! I haven't heard anything about these until your post! Definitely going to look into them now!


    1. I'm reaching for this a lot, really like it!