Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Warm

Whew, that's a long name for this Physician's Formula blush.  I've admired these from afar for a while, and when I saw the new shade Warm, I hit my tipping point.  These are infused with natural plant extracts that are supposed to mimic the effects of endorphins as well as protect skin from environmental stressors, which I'm guessing is more clever marketing than anything.  However, these heart stamped compacts are really cute!

There is an enclosed brush located beneath the blush, which I haven't even tried.  I don't use brushes that come with products, as they are usually pretty crappy.  Because the color is rather subtle, I used a cheek contouring brush, as the flat but dense brush head did a good job of picking of color and buffing it out.
In sun

Warm provided a nice wash of color with a subtle shimmer that did brighten my face.  In fact, it may make a good bronzer for me, as it's not muddy but does provide a nice sun-kissed glow kind of effect.  I found it hard to overdo this blush, as most of the color palette is neutral with just a few dashes of coral and muted pink.  These blushes are violet scented, but I've got to say I've yet to notice the smell and I keep forgetting to sniff it to see, so it must be very muted.  

In shade
In addition to Warm, these come in 3 other shades - Pink, Natural, and Rose.  They retail for about $12 and I got mine at Ulta.  You'll notice that the plastic part that closes the compact is missing on mine - it broke off the first time I used it.  So, not the sturdiest packaging.  I've worn this the past few days and wear time is pretty good - I've got some fading after a full day's wear, but the blush is still present.  I do tend to layer powder blushes over a gel or cream blush, which helps to extend the wear of both.  Overall, I like!


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