Friday, June 8, 2012

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in Shy: Review, Swatches, & Comparisons

Blushwear Cream Stick in Shy
I recently purchased Clinique's Colour in Bloom set, which included the Blushwear cream stick Shy.  I'm a fan of cream and gel blushes in these handy little mini tubes, so was excited to be able to try out Clinique's version.

Shy is a not a very exciting color in the tube - it's a warm mauve with an unobtrusive silver and gold micro shimmer.  On my skin it translates to a natural looking warm toned blush what works quite well with a neutral eye look.

Shy (sun)
Here's my problem  - there is something about this kind of formula that settles into the pores of my skin.  When I smile, it looks like I've got blackheads.  I've experienced this with certain other stick blushes and I do attribute it to the formula.  This is not a gel blush like the Tarte stick blushes, but a cream to powder finish blush.  I don't experience the pore settling phenomena with the gel stick blushes.

Shy (shade)
On the plus side, this cream to powder finish  is not sticky or shiny at all, is so easy to work with, and can be built up in intensity.  On the negative side, the pigment settles into my pores.  It's probably not noticeable unless someone was staring at me nose to nose, but I know it, and it bothers me.  Blending well does help, but I found myself blending to the point that I was disturbing my foundation.  Sigh.

The pore settling experience with Shy reminded me that I had this problem with Laura Geller's Spiced Mauve and N.Y.C.'s Mauvin' Uptown.  They are also very similar in color, so I pulled them out to compare.  I was also a bit surprised to realize that I had 3, count them, 3 stick blushes that can be described as mauve or even has that as their name!  Mauve has almost become a dirty word and is associated with matronly (translate old) and/or atrocious 1980's decorating color schemes, although it may be making a comeback.  So let's describe it as "dirty pink", which is also used for mauve. 
Shy, Spiced Mauve, Mauvin' Uptown
Spiced Mauve has a more obvious golden shimmer, but Mauvin' Uptown is very similar to Shy in tone and shimmer level.  Shy is just a tensy bit lighter and warmer in tone in the tube.  Another mauve factoid:  it has an underlying gray base, which I would say is more true in Mauvin' Uptown in the tube. On my skin, they all look quite warm toned and I'm not even sure that I would use "mauve" to describe them.  N.Y.C's Mauvin' Uptown is the least expensive at $3.99, whereas Shy retails for $21 and Spiced Mauve for $26.  Ummmm....quite a discrepancy in price, given I cannot really tell a difference in how they feel or wear. Unfortunately, I just read on another blog that the N.Y.C. blushes have been discontinued, but you may be able to find them at Dollar Tree stores for yep, a dollar.  That probably explains why Mauvin' Uptown was 75% off at Rite Aid when I got mine. 
Shy, Spiced Mauve, Mauvin' Uptown (sun)
Here I am wearing Shy, about to leave to eat some barbeque on Memorial Day.

Disclaimer:  I purchased all of the products mentioned.

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