Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette: In the Heat Review and Swatches

In the Heat baked shadow palette
There are a lot of really lovely palettes that have been released featuring spring/summer colors, but the one that I decided to purchase was Sephora's "In the Heat" palette.  I personally like baked shadows and how they can be used dry for lighter coverage or wet for more intense color.  It's almost like getting twice the number of shadows!

Packaging on this is nice - a compact plastic case that is 5.5 x 2.5 inches.  It's got some heft to it and feels quite sturdy.  The inside cover has a mirror and the 10 shadows are the typical dome shape you see with baked products.  There is no applicator included.  This particular palette was made in Italy, which is where I usually see baked products coming from.  I previously reviewed Sephora's Hot Hues baked palette in Vivid Mulberry, and that one was made in Taiwan. I honestly can't tell a difference in the quality of the shadows, however.  One nice difference is that they did name these shadows, unlike Vivid Mulberry.

Starting left top row, we have Bronze, Rose, Shimmery Apricot, Gold, Shimmery White.  On the bottom, starting left, we have Champagne, Plum, Toasted Rose, Copper, and Teal.  I almost ran out of arm swatching these, but here they are all together so you can get an idea of how the colors work together - quite complementary, IMO.  The top row is swatched dry using my finger, the second swatched wet with a brush.  All are over Urban Decay shadow primer in original.

All of these have a shimmer finish, although not obnoxiously so.  There is also some fall out with using these dry, less so when wet.  Wear time on these was slightly less than what I experience with regular powder shadows.  I had some fading but no creasing after about 6-7 hours of wear (over primer).  I think that may be one of the limitation of baked shadows.  Has anyone else noticed this?

Teal, Copper, Toasted Rose, Plum
Champagne, Shimmery White, Gold, Shimmery Apricot
Rose, Bronze

In the Heat retails for $30 and is available at Sephora.

Disclosure:  I purchased this. 

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