Thursday, June 7, 2012

May Eco-Emi

May Eco-Emi box
My May Eco-Emi arrived in June, and I was definitely impatiently awaiting it!  This month's theme was the arrival of hot weather and wanting to spend time near water, with mentions of sea turtles and mermaids.  Now that I think about it, I guess the green paper tendrils do look like seaweed.  As always, the packaging was delightful.  Half of the fun of these subscription boxes for me is unwrapping the "presents" to see what's inside!
So here is everything unwrapped - quite a variety of products to sample.  I'll focus on the beauty products, although I've equally enjoyed the edibles and other goodies.
First up is a chocolat lip balm by Beeluxe.  I love chocolate and I love lip balms, so this could be a win/win.  This company was founded in 2007 and focuses not just on natural, organic ingredients - but the best natural and organic ingredients they can find.  So that may mean coconut oil harvested in the Pacific Islands or Australian/New Zealand Manuka honey.  Given that there are not any retailers in the deep South that carry Beeluxe, subscription services like Eco-Emi are really nifty for introducing me to new products I might enjoy.  Also included was one of their candles in pineapple and mangosteen.  The candles go for about $15 and the balm for about $3, so that's the price of the box right there. 

I also got a mint infused vegan lip gloss from The All Natural Face in Peppermint Stick - a light pink with shimmer.  This may be the shortest ingredient list in a lip gloss I've ever seen - Cold pressed castor oil, Candelillia wax, Mica, Oxides, Natural Stevia Powder, .3% Peppermint essential oil.

It does have a lovely mint taste and smell and according to the All Natural Face web site, the 3% peppermint oil acts as both a breath freshener and lip plumper.  This is not sticky at all, but also not long lasting.  I like it best over a hydrating lip color, where it adds a nice sheen and shimmer.  It's also quite reasonably priced at $4.60.  I know I bitched and moaned a bit about Vibe's Freedom gloss not being pigmented enough and having a short wear time, and the same could said about Peppermint Stick (although I think the color is a bit better here).  However, Vibe costs $26 and Peppermint Stick is under $5, so my complaints are minimal.  Just know that you will need to reapply about every hour.  Here is Peppermint Stick over Sephora's Neon Pink lip balm.  I like the combo! 

I also received a sample of The All Natural Face's Tangerine Vegan Lip Exfoliant.  Even though the sample size looks small, only a small amount was needed to thoroughly scrub my lips.  The taste is tart but not unpleasant and my lips did indeed feel conditioned afterwards.  Also, The All Natural Face graciously included a 20% discount code that can be shared with friends and family, so here it is:  enter the word EMI into the discount code box at checkout on theallnaturalface.com.  It can be used multiple times between 5/15-6/30/2012. 

Last up are two packets of The Seaweed Bath Co.'s shampoo and conditioner, which contain the line's signature bladderwrack seaweed as well as argan oil and a whole host of other interesting ingredients.  I'm looking forward to trying these!

Overall, another really good box from Eco-Emi, which continues to please me and is truly something I look forward to each month.

Disclaimer:  I purchased a subscription to Eco-Emi for $15/mo.

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