Monday, June 11, 2012

Essie "I Say Go Braziliant" Kit

essie's braziliant kit, available only at Macy's, features 3 mini bottles with colors that invoke the seductive beauty of Brazil:
  • braziliant- an outrageous, blazing orange
  • super bossa nova- a pulsating tourmaline pink
  • smooth sailing- the dreamiest blue topaz
So far, I've only tried brazilient, which I think of as "safety cone" orange.  I love this in the bottle, where it is a vibrant orange with a faint pink cast.  The formula was problematic though - thick and chalky, plus it dried dull.  I guess satin matte would actually be a more correct term.  Perhaps that's because it borders on neon, and I've read that neons can be a bit difficult.  With the best of formulas my nail polishing skills are a bit iffy, so a problematic polish quickly loses favor with me.  I didn't even make it through half a day without wanting to add something to it.

So, I went through my stash and decided that L.A. Girls Glitter Addict in Celebrate was sufficiently gaudy enough to add to the mix.  Just think of it as carnival season in Brazil!

I'm hoping that super bossa nova and smooth sailing have better formulas - we shall see!  This set is available at Macy's for $12.

Disclaimer:  I purchased all of the products mentioned.


  1. pretty!

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  2. Ohh love it with the glitter!

  3. The glitter definitely made it more interesting to me!