Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November Birchbox: Giving

November was such a busy month for me that I opened my Birchbox, put it aside, and promptly forgot about it until it was time to submit points for review.  It's a solid box, however, so let's take a look!
I get excited about new to me products, and this exfoliating and firming mask made with with tea, clay, and superfruits is calling my name.  I'm going to save it for the Christmas holidays when I have 10 days off to do nothing but relax, destress, and pamper myself.   Plus clean my house.
The Amika Nourishing Mask features sea buckthorn berry to condition hair.  I'll add it to my stash of haircare items, which I'm slowly making my way through.
The Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy body lotion was probably the item I was least excited about.  However, it's formulated with Japanese sea nettle, an anti-inflammatory marine extract to sooth stressed skin, as well as grape seed oil.  So, I'll keep an open mind :-)
The Cynthia Rowley lip stain in Heartthrob is a nice coral red, which should work well for the holiday season.  Not sure about it's staining abilities yet, as it didn't leave behind color on my arm swatch.  I like the color though!
Last up is the classic the balm product, Cindy-Lou Manizer.  I did not have this in my collection and the color should work well for me as both an eye shadow and highlighter.  Quite happy with my box this month, and looking forward to what December will bring!

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