Monday, August 5, 2013

Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara by Bare Minerals

Lash Domination is a new mascara by Bare Minerals that features a spiraled wand that curves around your lashes in order to coat them from all angles.  It claims to both volumize and lengthen lashes by up to 345% while also separating and lifting, all without clumps.  Not only that, it is supposed to wear all day without smudging and flaking.   There is also a clinical test to back this up, but I never seem to be able to find the specifics of those :-)  Not doubting that there is one, but wouldn't it be nice to see the details?
So did it live up to those claims for me?  Well, yes and no.  I've got some before and after pictures, and here are my impressions after using my sample of Lash Domination for the past week.  It was storming the morning I took these pictures, so they are a little bit darker than I prefer.
No mascara
With Lash Domination mascara
I found that this applied fairly easily on my upper lashes, but the large brush made it difficult to coat my lower lashes without also getting it on my skin.  It also clumped on my lower lashes and I had to use a lash brush to comb them out.  It did wear well all day without smudging or flaking.
I've got small eyes, and the large brush was just unwieldy for me.  I did have a better experience than Musings of a Muse, who found that the mascara smudged on her (you can see her review here).  What's interesting is that she has dry skin and it smudged on her, whereas I've got oily skin and it wore well for me.  Skin chemistry is a tricky thing!
I've been wearing this for about a week now, and I think the more mascara the brush picks up as you go along, the more thick and clumpy it becomes.  I can use one application for both eyes, upper and lower lashes, without sticking the brush back in the tube.  As you can see, there was some flaking I didn't catch before taking this picture, and it's getting a bit clumpier.  This was about 5 days in.

I guess I have mixed emotions about Lash Domination.  It does give me longer and fuller lashes, but the clumping and excessive mascara on the brush are problematic.  I don't see myself purchasing the full sized version, which retails for $18.

Disclaimer:  I received this as a sample with purchase.


  1. Haha, I was at sephora the other day and they had the wand samples of these mascara lying around and I took one home and tried it with another mascara's formula. The wand is a tad big in my opinion too but I like how you can rotate it with your finger and make it comb through the lashes :)

    1. I have a problem with big brushes, I always end up with more mascara on my skin to clean up:-(

    2. Oh me too, I prefer moderate sized ones that you can actually use on your bottom lash as well