Monday, August 12, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté VIP Subscription Box: Spectacular First Month!

 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I purchased my first Le Métier de Beauté products a few months back with the Summer Kiss Bronzing set, which came with the Bauhaus lip kaleidoscope as the gift with purchase.  I've enjoyed all of them and the quality is undeniable, so when Le Métier de Beauté offered a 12 month subscription service, I decided to take the plunge.
Le Métier de Beauté's VIP subscription service was offered for the upfront price of $349 and could only be purchased during the month of July, after which subscriptions were closed until July of 2014.  Le Métier de Beauté (LMdB) indicated they did it this way in order to plan and make sure the quality of the boxes would be high as a reward to loyal customers.  They also said that each box would include at least one full size item or a collection of specially curated items, including pre-releases.  From my understanding, there will be no sample sizes.
I  know some were hesitant to spend the hefty sum of $349 all at once, but broken out over 12 months it came to $29 per box (shipping is free).  Since most of LMdB's products are more than the monthly price, I decided it was an inexpensive way to explore this luxury brand further.  If the first month's box is any indication, I made a good decision!  All of this month's boxes contained 3 items that were the same, along with the variation of an eye, face, blush, or lip kaleidscope.
I received the lip kaleidoscope in Red Rapture, which was initially a 2009 holiday release available exclusively from Neiman Marcus.  It is now impossible to find, unless someone puts one up for sale somewhere, which makes me feel like I got a collectable :-)  LMdB is now bringing back retired items to their Beauty Vault, so I suppose we could possibly see it there at some point.  Item value is $95, and seeing the other kaleidoscopes received has sparked my collecting urge.  Uh oh.
Now, the irony of receiving Red Rapture as my kaleidoscope is that I've always been shy about wearing red lips.  I've gotten a bit better, and this and the following item will probably help me get more comfortable with red lips, as the colors and finishes are quite lovely.  I'll have full reviews of all box items coming soon.
The pre-release item is a cool leaning red matte lipstick.  My tube had no label, but I've seen another blog that indicated the name is "Signature".  I've yet to wear this, but it swatched smoothly with intense pigmentation.  Lovely color and valued at $32.  I'm not sure when exactly it will be available, but I believe it's slated for a fall release.
The third item is the felt tip black eye liner Noir.  I actually did not have a black felt liner, nor am I much of a black liner person.  This has changed my mind.  I've worn it every day since receiving it and love how a thin line on my upper lid deepens and defines my lash line.  Obviously, you could go as thick as you want, but my small eyes get overwhelmed with thick black lines, so a thin, precise line is working wonderfully for me.  Item value is $42 and this is a current in stock item.
The last item is a kabuki brush valued at $85 and was the gift with purchase for subscribing.  It is soft, plush, and densely packed with goat hair, and is an available, in stock item.  I've heard one person say the brush shed excessively for them, but mine has not dropped a single hair yet, and I'm loving it!
The total value of the first month's box is an incredible $254, and even better, all of the items are lovely and useable.  While I'm not expecting each month to have as many items or to be at this high of a value (although I'm open to being surprised), I can see the LMdB boxes becoming an eagerly anticipated arrival!


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