Tuesday, August 6, 2013

theBalm Instain Blush in Lace

Lace is the third and last of theBalm Instain blushes I've acquired.  A cool toned hot pink, Lace almost falls outside of my comfort range.  I tend more towards peaches and corals - or at least warm tones - so I thought Lace would help round out my collection.
Fortunately for me, it's also a color that's more wearable than the color in the pan implies.  However, that is totally dependent on application, as this is a super pigmented blush that could easily go wrong.  Housed in cardboard, the compact nonetheless feels sturdy and comes with an outer cover that guarantees it stays closed, although there is also a magnet in the compact cover.  Coupled with the retro design, I'm a fan of the packaging.
To apply, I tap my brush on the pan once for each cheek.  That picks up plenty of color, and the rest is just blending it out.  Lace is matte, but that does not translate to flat or chalky.  Wear time for me is 7-8 hours, but take into account I've got very oily skin and live in a sub-tropical climate that, short of a hurricane, is currently in it's full blown sub-tropicalness.  I can still see color when I get home from work, but my makeup in general has started to degrade by then. 
The Instain blushes are $22 and I purchased Lace from Birchbox.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. I must have a pretty heavy hand because I have a VERY hard time getting it to look as natural as you make it look... I haven't touched this at all after swatching it... :S

    1. Tapping the brush instead of swiping, perhaps? Or I wonder if the brush makes a difference. I've read multiple accounts of people who have problems with these blushes being too pigmented, so you are not the only one!