Friday, June 29, 2012

Sephora by OPI Bohemian Brights Mini Nail Colour Set & NOTD

Bohemian Brights mini nail colour set
I think Bohemian Brights may be my favorite boxed mini collection of the season!  I love these colors, they are just "me".  First up is Let's Hear it For the Free Spirit!, a soft copper gold flecked foil.  I don't have anything like this, so pretty!  Next is What Aura Gonna Wear?, a medium fuschia pink cream.  Not super unique, but a pretty summer color.  It's Totally Karma is a vibrant granny apple green cream.  I don't have anything like this in my collection, so a welcome addition.
Let's Hear it For the Free Spirit!
Neutral Beauty is a camel beige cream and gave me grand ideas to attempt some kind of nail art using it as a base.  Until I realized how much work nail art is, and decided to not go there.  That's What Fringe is For is a pretty peach with silver and pink microshimmer.  Finishing up the collection is Happy Earth Day to Me, a gorgeous dark olive/army green with a faint gold shimmer.  I had originally thought it was brown until I got it outside.

I took these pictures a day after applying and there is some faint tip wear.  I did two coats but think three is probably needed, as there are a few light patches visible in the sun.  There is not a single color in here that I would not wear, so I was quite happy to get this online from Sephora on sale for $17. 

Disclosure:  I bought this.


  1. love the color! All of the colors in that set are amazing!

  2. oohh i love every single one of those colors!