Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pretty in Pink and Movie Character Crushes

When I think of coming of age or teen angst movies, Pretty in Pink ranks behind 16 Candles for me.  It's probably because I liked the male lead in 16 Candles (Jake, sigh) much better than Andrew McCarthy's rich boy character in Pretty in Pink.  See, I can't even remember his name. 
I always wondered why the actor who played Jake, Michael Schoeffling, didn't have a longer acting career.   Turns out he's married with 2 grown kids and is a furniture maker in PA now.  Sounds like he walked away from the biz to live a normal life, good for him!  If you think my decades old crush is weird, you should read about the Cult of Jake Ryan.
But back to Pretty in Pink, which is what I'm calling this FOTD.  I've been gravitating towards pinks and peaches in the past week, and I think this particular look made for a fresh faced, natural looking daytime look.  The products I chose are a mix of cool and warm toned pinks, which probably saved me from going too monochromatic. 
I like using dark brown as a contrast with pink, and Demolition by Urban Decay is my go to dark brown matte eye liner.  Lauren Brooke's Toffee (full review here) was a nice complement to Demolition and helped soften my upper and lower lash lines.
Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink is a go to pink shade for me, and it's both neutral and warm enough to be worn with a variety of other colors (full review here).  I used Clinique's light pinkish beige shadow from the Jammin' duo as a brow and inner eye color.  There is a very faint shimmer in it that keeps it from going flat or chalky.
L-R:  Poppy Face Palette, Berry Flirtatious, Toffee, Demolition, Jammin' pink, Inked in Pink, Pink Martini
For blush, I used Revlon's cream blush in Berry Flirtatious (discontinued, but still available on Amazon and ebay).  Revlon's cream blushes are really nice, I hope they come out with some more colors!  I then topped Berry Flirtatious with a light coating of DHC's tri-colored face palette in Poppy (you can see full review here). 
To give my lips a pop of glossy pink, I used Tokidoki's Gelato Lip Balm in Pink Martini.  Also sadly discontinued, this is a nicely pigmented and glossy lip balm.  It feels and looks nice on, although by the end of the day my lips were feeling like they needed a bit more moisture.  I have a feeling these are collector's items now, as I could not find Pink Martini for sale anywhere online and saw comments from others who were stalking them.  Glad I got mine when Sephora was phasing them out!
Do you have a movie character crush you'd like to reveal?  Come on now, 'fess up :-)


  1. Honestly 16 Candles was so forgettable for me, I remember I watched both and the plot line and characters of Pretty in Pink stood out a lot lot more for me

    1. For some reason Pretty in Pink irritated me, not sure why.