Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bring on the Pink! Lancome Shimmer Pink Pool Blush and Wannabe Creme Lipstick

Shimmer Pink Pool
I finally got a chance to try out the Shimmer Pink Pool blush and the Wannable creme lipstick from the recent Nordstrom GWP set I acquired at the end of March.  I find that one of the hazards of beauty blogging is acquiring mucho makeup and then not using it much before moving on to the next item.  I want to make sure I spend some time with items and really use them, so I'll occasionally be featuring different looks of the day that incorporate items beyond their initial appearance on the blog.  After all, good makeup does not need to languish in a drawer!
Shimmer Pink Pool is indeed pink and has a silver shimmer in it, and looking at it in pan I thought it would lean more cool than it actually does.  It is richly pigmented and I found myself applying a bit too much at first as a result and needed it buff it out.  I'm somewhat uncomfortable with high shimmer content in face products, as I find they highlight my skin imperfections, but I think Shimmer Pink Pool fell nicely within my comfort zone.  Lancome Blush Subtil's retail for $30.  It is oil free and is supposed to be oil absorbing, which is a plus for me.
Heavily swatched
Color Design Wannabe lipstick is a richly pigmented fuschia pink creme, although Lancome describes it as a muted purple magenta.  I like Lancome lipsticks, and I found Wannabe to be creamy, smooth, comfortable, and long wearing.  I tend to shy away from bright lips, so I lightly applied Wannabe and spread it with my finger.  A little goes a long way with this lipstick!  Color Design lipsticks are $22.

I really like both of these and think they complement each other nicely.  The pigmentation and finish of both are lovely and wearable and I'll be visiting both again!
Disclaimer:  I received these as a gift with purchase.

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