Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Most Used Makeup Brushes

I was washing my makeup brushes on Saturday, and thought I'd show the ones I use on an almost daily basis.  Some I've had for years, and one is a recent addition. 
I was given a Kirkland Borghese brush set years ago as a Christmas present, and my favorite eyeshadow and face powder brush came from that set.  The eyeshadow brush is my absolute favorite brush ever for all over shadow application.  It's full, dense, soft, and does a great job of picking up and holding powder.  The powder brush is soft and feels so nice against my skin - love them both!
I was fortunate to acquire my favorite mineral powder foundation brush as part of The All Natural Face sampler set, reviewed here.  This brush far exceeds anything I've gotten from Bare Escentuals for applying mineral foundation.  It's dense, soft, and fits so nicely in my hand. 
The Trish McEnvoy Mistake Proof Sheer Application brush is a recent acquisition and the most expensive brush ($50) I've ever bought.  HSN had sent me a $20 off coupon, which helped me splurge on this item.  It shed terribly the first few uses, but I've got to admit that it does a great job with liquid foundation.  No longer do I have the issue of liquid makeup settling into my pores.  I prefer it over my Beauty Blender, which while good,  is ridiculously expensive. 
This Bare Escentuals brush was included in a makeup set, and while I can't remember it's intended use, it's my go to for when I want to buff out eyeshadow.  On days when I want to tone done a color or better blend a final look, this brush works like a charm.
I picked up this Sephora dual ended brush to round up a purchase to get free shipping, and it's become my favorite eyeshadow crease brush.  The liner end side is rather worthless and I don't like dual ended brushes because of storage issues, but I still find myself reaching for this almost daily.
Last of my most used brushes is the Urban Decay eyeshadow brush that was included in my Naked palette.  With it's precise edge, it's what I use for using shadow to line my upper and lower lash lines.  This brush gets far more use than my Naked palette, which I would never have guessed would be the case.

So there is my hodgepodge collection of brushes!    I've just happened upon my favorites for the most part, so are there some brushes you love that I should be aware of ?

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.

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