Monday, April 1, 2013

Light Show Countless Color Pigment by stila

stila has some really interesting new products out for the summer, and I was able to pick up two of the Countless Color Pigments in Light Show and Lyric recently.  I was interested in Light Show as an eye shadow and Lyric as a blush, as these can be used wherever you would like.  These boast an exclusive, first-to-market formula created with vibrant pigments and are handmade using a proprietary pressing and baking process.  I'll be showing Light Show today.
These feel, look, and indeed are different in formula than the baked mineral eyeshadow and blushes you may be familiar with.  The finish is more of a satin and there is a softness to the pigments.  These are not recommended to be used wet, whereas baked minerals can be and that's usually how you can get greater color intensity.  To get color intensity with the Countless Pigments, it is recommended to apply with your finger or a foam applicator, and I will say that I had the most success when using my fingers as far as building color was concerned.  When I used a brush with Light Show, it kicked up a lot of powder and was difficult to build color, sheering out instead.
Reminds me of an aerial view of earth
The colors themselves are lovely!  You can focus on single colors, blend different ones together to make you own shades, or do a swirl around the entire pan and blend.  Here are some of the colors I was able to make:
Since I had the most success applying with my finger, it did make it a bit more difficult to get the kind of color placement I would have liked.  I need to play around with a foam applicator or perhaps different kinds of brushes to see if I can build up color a bit more or use some of the smaller colors such as the yellow or green.
Wear time over a primer was about 7 hours before I started noticing significant fading.  I did notice when swatching that these rub off very easily, which concerned me a bit.  I'm guessing the primer helps to bind them to the skin.
The Countless Color pigments are $22 each, and I bought mine directly from stila.  So far, I'm liking them!

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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  1. Great swatches! I really want some of these new shadows :)