Friday, April 5, 2013

NOTD: Noir Caviar by Lancome

Despite having just gotten oodles of new spring colored nail polish with the Zoya Spring Color Cuties, my perverse self wanted to wear a deep, dark gray this week.  Maybe it's  because the weather has been yo-yo'ing between warm and sunny to cold, dreary and rainy.  Regardless, I'm really liking Noir Caviar by Lancome.
This dark gray leans slightly blue, which makes it a more wearable color for me.  I love it's high gloss and cold sleekness!  This is my first time trying a Lancome polish, and everything about it has me feeling the warm fuzzies.  Except for the price ($15), and the small size of the bottle (6 ml).  Yes, that's less than the size of most mini's.  A regular sized OPI polish is 15 ml.
I still like it though!  Noir Caviar is part of the Vernis in Love polishes, which are divided into 3 collections:  Jolis Matins (M) "fresh shades for daytime wear," Boudoir Time (B) "pop shades for cocktail hour," and Tonight is My Night (N) "intense shades for magical nights."  Guess which category Noir Caviar falls into - yep, it's an "intense shade for magical nights", or 585N, to be more specific.
One downside of wearing a dark color is when they chip, and I had a small chip on my index finger after one day of wear.  I'm not sure if that's because my nail is flaking or if it's the polish, but I decided to paint my tips with one of the blue Zoya shades that I recently acquired.  Problem solved.

As of now, Noir Caviar is exclusive to Nordstrom and the Lancome site, should you be wanting to track it down.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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  1. Your pictures are always so bright and colorful. Nice mani!

  2. Thank you! I enjoy taking photos outdoors, and something is always blooming where I live:-)

  3. They look beautiful! My nails know no season either. I just wear what I feel like! :)

  4. beautiful color! i love a good gray!