Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Vault

When Urban Decay had the 24/7 eye pencil vault for sale on their site, I talked myself out of it.  When it sold out quickly, I admired the pictures that others who bought it posted.  When the vault showed up April 9th on Sephora for all of about 15 minutes, something snapped and I bought it.  I've got regrets in my life, but fortunately, this isn't one of them:-)
If you haven't seen it, the vault includes all 40 of the current crop of 24/7 eye pencil colors offered by Urban Decay.  Thirteen of the colors are brand new, and 15 were previously limited edition but are now permanent.  Twelve older colors were also discontinued, so quite the shakeup in 24/7 eyeliner land!
New colors:
  • Smoke:  deepest gray matte
  • Roach:  deep copper brown shimmer
  • Desperation:  deep taupe to gray matte
  • Scorch:  bronze shimmer with silver micro-sparkle
  • Goldmine:  gold shimmer with gold micro-sparkle
  • Loaded:  dark green shimmer
  • Freak:  bright green shimmer   
  • Invasion:  deepest dark green matte 
  • Abyss:  bright metallic blue shimmer with blue micro-sparkle
  • Chaos:  vibrant cobalt blue matte with slight floating pearl
  • Ether:  pale smoky gray shimmer with purple and fuchsia micro-sparkle
  • Vice:   pearly red eggplant shimmer  
  • Cuff:  metallic silver shimmer with silver micro-sparkle   
UD Vault Porn:  Blacks, Grays & Browns
Previously exclusive colors:
  • Asphyxia:  pink/purple duochrome with blue sparkles
  • Smog:  copper shimmer
  • Mushroom:  metallic taupe-pewter shimmer
  • Uzi (reformulated):  dark gunmetal shimmer with silver micro-sparkle 
  • Hustle: metallic brown shimmer 
  • Whiskey:  rich brown matte
  • Corrupt:  dark metallic reddish brown shimmer with silver micro-sparkle 
  • Junkie:  metallic teal shimmer with gold micro-sparkle 
  • Mainline:  deep green to blue matte 
  • Deep End:  bright blue/green shimmer
  • LSD:  navy shimmer with bright turquoise micro-sparkle
  • Sabbath:  deep navy matte
  • Delinquent:  dark purple shimmer with light purple micro-sparkle 
  • Psychedelic Sister:  bright purple cream
  • Empire:  dark eggplant matte  
UD Vault Porn:  Browns, Golds & Greens
Discontinued colors:
  • 1999:  reddish plum with gold, plum, and bronze shimmer
  • Binge:  navy blue with pearl sheen
  • Covet:  blue-green teal with pearl sheen
  • Crash:  eggplant with plum pearl sheen
  • Deviant:  medium blue with silver micro-sparkle
  • Eldorado:  medium yellow gold shimmer
  • Flipside:  medium teal blue shimmer
  • Graffiti:  grass green with silver micro-sparkle
  • Gunmetal:  dark gray with pearl sheen
  • Lucky:  dark copper with metallic finish
  • Lust:  dark purple with pearl sheen
  • Ransom:  dark purple with pearl sheen
UD Vault Porn:  Greens & Blues
UD Vault Porn:  Purples, Pinks, Silver & White
I have no idea how many of these limited edition sets were released.  Supposedly 50 were sold at the Urban Decay site and then they were going to have some for Sephora (where I got mine) and perhaps some other retail sites(?), but it's all rather fuzzy.  The retail price was $295, which translates to about $7.37 a pencil, which is quite the steal if you can get past the hefty upfront price.

Fortunately, I found a place to store the box with the pencils in it so that I can have easy access.  This hutch is right next to the table where I apply my makeup, and it was just tall enough to accommodate the lid.  Expect to see lots of upcoming Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner posts as I play around with these!
The Shrine :-)
Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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  1. Whoa, I need to buy this! ASAP!!!!


    1. It will be interesting to see if it pops up for sale again somewhere, as I know of several people who would have liked to have gotten one.

  2. WOW! I wish I would have pulled the trigger on this set, but sadly I didn't. What a shame because I know they would get good use in my hands. Glad you got a set though. Every color looks amazing.