Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Lulubelle (the real one) and July Roundup of Posts

Lulubelle, in all her shaggy glory
I'd like to introduce the real Lulubelle, or Lulu as she is commonly known.  She is a West Highland White Terrier whose name I have stolen as my online persona.  I've never met a happier dog and she's been a joy to live with the last 10 years.  Okay, the first year was hell on wheels, but luckily she's calmed down a bit.  Her full name is actually Tallulah Belle, in tribute to the incorrigible actress and fellow Alabama native, Tallulah Bankhead. Ms. Bankhead has some of the best quotes EVER. 

Here's what I looked at in July.

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  1. I have a carin terrior, and we'd looked at getting a westie before I decided to adopt a different terrior that needed to go to a good home... I LOVE love love westies!!! What a beautiful dog!!!! And I love her name!!!

  2. I wanted a Cairn terrier when I was looking for my second dog, but they are scarce where I live! I ended up with a miniature Schnauzer instead. I love terriers in general - such spunky dogs.